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Infectious Diseases

Fuel the search for new therapeutics...

“Our company has used BARC to perform clinical laboratory work, including clinical virology work, for six multinational clinical trials since 2010.  We have found them to be very competent, professional and responsive in all respects – even in the context of complex virology studies and logistical issues.  We recommend them highly.”

Marc Ayers
President and Chief Executive Officer, Romark

Do you want to know how we can help you with your Infectious Disease study?

The increasing prevalence of infectious diseases and the antimicrobial resistance to existing anti-infective agents are the drivers estimated to fuel the search for new therapeutics. As per public records, the incidence rate of deaths due to infectious diseases is estimated at 25% globally. Because of the continuous emergence of new and old pathogens, the threat infectious diseases pose on our health is even further strengthened. There are many factors inducing this rapid emergence, such as ecological, environmental or demographic factors. Together with the ongoing evolution of viral and microbial variants and selection of drug resistance, the incidence rate only keeps on increasing.

There is an obvious need for finding effective treatments and control over these emerging pathogens. You can count on us to assist you to be successful in finding the effective treatments and vaccines.

Our integrated offer:

At Barc Lab, we continuously invest so we can provide you with the most comprehensive scientific discussions and inter-disciplinary state-of-the art laboratory tests. We can offer you a comprehensive portfolio of tests in the fields of virology, bacteriology and parasitology.

We employ and collaborate with Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOL) and experts in the field, which helps us to ensure that we react very quickly to new infectious threats with the development of new tests in a very short time frame. We can offer you fast and secure diagnostic opportunities. We are very flexible in adjusting our assays and technology transfers to the fast-moving market and seasonal changes in the field.

We offer all techniques required for an optimal detection, identification, quantification and characterization of pathogens such as:

  • Serology
  • Culture and microscopy
  • Molecular detection of pathogens (incl. sequencing)
  • Mass spectrometry-based techniques for rapid bacterial ID
  • Inhibition and neutralization assays


We have a broad experience in detecting:

  • Respiratory viruses such as influenza & RSV
  • Arboviruses such as Zika & Dengue
  • Hepatitis viruses
  • Other viruses such as HIV and HPV
  • Bacteria such as C. difficile and TB
  • Parasites such as malaria
  • Fungal infections


Barc Lab can offer all routine testing services on a global scale. Moreover, our divisions in the Americas, Europe, and South Africa contain Biosafety Level 3 facilities, and we have extensive expertise in those areas, from routine to sequencing testing. With the enormous wealth of expertise in those areas, we are at the forefront of epidemiological surveillance. Our activity in those areas allows us to be particularly aware of regional variations in genotypes and to provide you with the required knowledge of the spread of pathogens and optimal therapeutic strategies.

Carole Wallis, PhD

Carole Wallis, PhD, Medical Director, Barc Lab South Africa

Dr. Carole Wallis is the Medical Director for Barc Lab SA. With a PhD at hand, Carole serves as a virologist on several different NIH protocols and is part of the executive committee of the adults AIDS Clinical Trial Group. She is also a member of Southern African HIV Clinicians Society HIV Drug Resistance Expert Forum and a member of the Scientific Committee for International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop.