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Overall Project Management

Our Project Management TEAM ensures your project achieves results and impact!

Combining data from different labs is always a challenge. We work together with our labs, CROs and sponsors. Making that marriage happen, that’s what I like to do here.

Frank Clottens
Frank Clottens
Head of Data Management

Personalized Services

We know that one size does not fit all. We carefully listen to understand the uniqueness of your request, organization and vision, so we can set up and support your success, every day. We can meet you anywhere in the course of your trial with a unique plan that changes and adjusts according to your needs.


Our strategic locations near main courier hubs guarantee rapid delivery of the samples from any part of the world.

Barc Lab has over 35 years of experience with handling complex logistical trials. Even remote sites can be serviced within 24-48 hours. With offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa, we can provide our clients with the shortest turnaround of shipments. Barc Lab builds all our kits in-house on all major continents which contain all the materials required to obtain samples from the patients. Our kits follow IATA regulations, and range from compact, foldable packaging and shipping supplies to supplies for deep frozen shipments without dry ice. We pay special attention to the user friendliness and customization of our supplies and documentations, all included in our kits. Well ahead of time, sites are automatically informed when expiry dates are approaching.

All our kits include the following items:

  • Requisition forms containing bar-coded, integrated labels for easy tracking of samples
  • Supplies for different specimens, including but not limited to whole blood, urine, stool, CSF, bone marrow aspirate and biopsies
  • Lab manuals and instruction leaflets (in native language) to ensure correct sample collection by sites
  • Sample log forms display an easy link between all requisition numbers and all visits per subject
  • Sampling material request form allowing site/sponsor to order additional supplies


Customer-focused project management is essential to conducting a smooth trial, with the emphasis on open and pro-active communication.

For your clinical trials, we assign an experienced Project Team which represents a single point of contact for all aspects of our services. We employ a team approach so that in the event the lead project manager is unavailable, another member of the team is accessible and familiar with your study. As Barc Lab is a global central lab, we provide a local Project Manager per affiliate for an adequate and quick follow-up of matters locally. Our Project Team is not only responsible for the communication with you but is also the link between various Barc Lab departments (logistics, sample handling, the laboratory, data management, science, finance, quality & IT). Our team will provide you with optimal services from the set-up until the end of your trial.


All relevant data regarding your clinical trial, is assembled and saved into a single global study database.

We provide you easy access to your clinical study results via our online platform, Barc Board. You can choose who will be granted access with permission-based log-in credentials, for swift follow-up of all data. This remote data access tool allows you to search study data & follow-up on outstanding DCFs. Reports will be visible as soon as results are uploaded - an automatic refresh happens every 30 minutes - on Barc Board and final reports are automatically sent according to your wishes.


Watch the video below, to get an idea of who we are and what we do...


Nele Langenaken

Nele Langenaken, COO

Nele has been with Barc Lab since 1999, where she started in Belgium as a Project Manager. Currently she holds the position of COO at Barc Lab USA, which she also helped founding in 2001 when she moved to New York.

Frank Clottens, PhD

Frank Clottens, PhD, Head of Data Management

Frank holds a PhD in Science and has joined Barc Lab in 1996 as the Head of Data Management. Frank is responsible for the oversight of the database management and services. He works closely together with our teams to find solutions for new challenges to serve the needs of internal and external customers.

An Witters

An Witters, Global Head of Logistics and Sample Handling

An joined Barc Lab in 2005 as a Sample Handling Manager. In 2015, An has merged the Logistics and Sample Handling Departments and has fulfilled the role of Global Head Logistics & Sample Handling.