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Next-generation immunohistochemistry and digital pathology are emerging…

Every clinical strategy is unique, so we need to provide tailor-made and unique services by designing the exact biomarker for the trial. That's what we do!

Jean-Philippe Coton

Comprehensive, Innovative and Intelligent Histology Services

The fast pace of developments in the field of precision medicine has resulted in major innovative advances within histopathology. The inevitable nature of providing specialty services has led to rapidly evolving new techniques and digital imaging. Both are driving each other’s development and offer opportunities for emerging companion diagnostics.

HISTALIM is a fully equipped histopathology laboratory and acts as an extension and reinforcement of our services. Being the first one to offer the Perkin Elmer Vectra Polaris® multiplex platform, HISTALIM has proven to intelligently invest in innovation. With special attention to target identification, immunophenotyping, patient eligibility, stratification and evaluation of response to therapy, HISTALIM conduct a variety of services:

  • Tissue processing
  • Tissue embedding & sectioning
  • Standard and special stainings
  • Immunohistochemistry (CE IVD instruments)
  • Multiplex IHC (Perkin Elmer)
  • Cytology (mRNA, miRNA ISH)
  • Tissue CrossReactivity assays
  • Companion Diagnostic development
  • Advanced scanning devices (Vectra Polaris®, Nanozoomer)
  • Digital imaging (Inform®, Halo®, inhouse algorithms)
  • Extensive Pathologist network


Reach out to us to discuss how we can match our integrated offer including histopathology services with your requirements.


Watch the videos below to learn more about HISTALIM and their services. Barc Lab also spoke to Jean-Philippe COTON, CEO of HISTALIM, watch the interview below.


Jean-Philippe COTON


HISTALIM is a histology services provider and specialist in tissue analysis, immunohistochemistry, In Situ Hybridization, and image analysis since 2005. HISTALIM has joined the Cerba HealthCare group in 2018 and works with us to provide you deep scientific expertise.


In situ multiplex analysis of regulatory and effector T cells in multiple tumor types Profiling multiple immune checkpoint in solid tumors