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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry constitutes an excellent model reflecting the advances in the field of personalized medicine

“I have been working with many flow cytometry providers of different sizes in the past 10+ years.  I do find the Barc Lab team is one of the best.  They are knowledgeable and easy to work with.  This was one of the reasons we chose Barc Lab as our partner. With close collaboration, the project is making solid progress.”

Sr. Director Translational Research - Large Pharma Client

We develop and validate your customized Flow Cytometry assay, especially adapted to your needs.

With 25 years of extensive expertise in providing Flow Cytometry Testing for clinical trials ranging from phase I to phase III, we have established a strong track record of developing custom-made flow cytometry panels, often drug-specific and proprietary to the Sponsor. We also have a number of readily available panels off-the-shelf. All of our Flow Cytometry assays are developed, validated, qualified and implemented on a global scale.

Developing validated and qualified assays on a global scale, we consider ourselves at the forefront of the central lab services industry when it comes to flow cytometry methodology, having capacities in USA, Europe, Australia, the Asia Pacific region including China, and South Africa. All our instruments have standardized state-of-the-art equipment, up to 10-channel instruments for optimal testing. Consistency and reproducibility are ensured using global standardization procedures and acceptance criteria set up on our 8- and 10-color equipment. We provide a fully integrated workflow in the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), securing data transfer from test request to reporting of the results.


Our key strength

Recent advances in the field of personalized medicine have resulted in the requirement of complex Flow Cytometry-based assays. Our dedicated Flow Cytometry team is committed to working with you to develop fit-for-purpose assays via close interactions with your scientists, ensuring a winning combination of optimal panel design and project-adapted reportables. We strongly believe in the added value of having experts anchored in real-life practice knowing how to interpret complex clinical and safety data.


Tailored Solution

At Barc Lab, we are able to solve complex challenges and we are dedicated to help you from panel design to review of the data. We provide you a customized offer to measure any of the following:

  • Immune cell phenotyping
  • Immune cell activation
  • Receptor occupancy & density
  • Hematologic malignancies
  • Output in relative %, absolute count and fluorescence quantification
Ans De Beuckelaer, PhD

Ans De Beuckelaer, PhD, Principal Scientist

Ans is a Principal Scientist for Flow Cytometry, PMBCs and immuno-assays. She joined Barc Lab in 2018 and holds a PhD in Biotechnology.

Richard Chang

Richard Chang, Principal Scientist

Richard joined Barc Lab in 2018 as a Principal Scientist for Flow Cytometry. Richard holds a B.A. Integrative Biology and has built up extensive experience in flow cytometry for over 12 years. He has been a key player in assay development, deployment and validation of a great many flow cytometry assays.