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Custom Assay Development

Customization of New Assays & Tech Transfers

It’s really fulfilling to know that you are contributing to something as valuable and important as the safety and treatment of patients.

Sofie Vandevyver
Sofie Vandevyver
Global Lead Integration & Communication

Our efforts towards personalized medicine

The ever-increasing outpouring of scientific data puts more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before. At Barc Lab, we leverage that cognition and recognize the importance of sharing scientific insights with you to implement novel tests and customized assays. Our constant efforts towards precision medicine results in our capabilities to provide you with customized solutions. We put your clinical study and its needs as our blueprint for customized, and highly validated assay development, thereby collaborating closely with your team.


Barc Lab delivers:

  • Flexible solutions for your complex flow cytometry needs
  • Comprehensive cytokine profiling by selecting your panel of interest
  • Immunoprofiling and biomarker analysis for patient inclusion and monitoring
  • Molecular diagnostic tools
  • High level bioanalytical support in method development, validation and sample analysis of PK/PD and immunogenicity assays
  • Technology transfers of your assays, which is more than a service to us, it’s in our DNA


Barc Lab has built a reputation as a trusted partner, providing customized services to meet your specific requirements. We fully engage to ensure you receive the full value from our personalized services and scientific solutions. Contact us today to initiate a discussion on how you can leverage our dedicated resources and a unique one-to-one scientific dialogue as we tailor each project to your needs!

Pieter Bogaert

Pieter Bogaert, CSO

Pieter holds a PhD in Sciences and started to work at the Cerba HealthCare group as Head of the Flow Cytometry department in 2014. In 2018, Pieter started to act as Barc Lab’s Chief Scientific Officer.