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Artificial Intelligence

The promise of Artificial Intelligence

The world of today is becoming more digital and that’s also visible in the industry where we are active. As an IT department, you can really make a difference in our day-to-day jobs and that’s very rewarding.

Peter Vermeylen
Global IT Director

How Artificial Intelligence at Barc Lab impacts your clinical trial design

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) maturing, we are also engaging and implementing AI to optimize clinical trials. We strongly believe that deploying AI can improve the efficiency of your study. Next to the automation of our processes, we aim to gain insight into the data we gather throughout clinical trials. Combining data from electronic records on a global scale, we are able to compare patient populations all over the world, and help you to target the required geographic area with the eligible patient population for a particular indication. These AI-driven insights are data intensive and can increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of your clinical trials through improved protocol design and targeted patient enrolment.

We are committed to take AI a step further by, for example, identifying the efficacy of your treatment, identifying the right biomarkers and generating significant study data which can result in a lower patient number. Overall, we believe in the enormous potential of AI in transforming the data generated in clinical trials to develop new insights that will not just be beneficial, but also required in moving forward in this fast-paced industry.

Peter Vermeylen

Peter Vermeylen, Global IT Director

Peter joined the Cerba HealthCare group as the IT Director for Barc Lab in 2016. Peter has about 20 years of experience working in IT in different roles.