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Barc Lab is the clinical trial arm of Cerba HealthCare, a group of motivated individuals committed to improve health via diagnostic services and we do it in a very human way

Mario Papillon, CEO BARC

     Mission Statement:

       "Our mission is to partner with you to bring personalized medicine to patients and allow you
        to focus on what matters the most: improving healthcare and quality of life"


      Vision Statement:

        Help you to advance healthcare by providing customized solutions to your needs

        Empower our people and partners to show their true value through engagement, innovation
        & quality



Our Core Values

This is the core of our culture and the framework for all decisions made within Barc Lab.

Watch the testimonials of Barc Lab's people explaining our core values. Be aware, they tend to be contagious...


Commitment -
     We go the extra mile...
          ... as we want to enhance your success

Communication -
     We listen carefully...   
          ... and we aim for full transparency

Innovation -
     We apply the highest standards of excellence...
          ... our curiosity empowers our creativity

Respect -
     Expect respect...
          ... we treat everyone like we want to be treated

Trust -
     We embrace honesty and trust...
          ... as we value long-term relationships



Why choose to work with us...

Team – Commitment

We are fully aware of the importance of teamwork and how it can help you to achieve a bigger goal. We embrace everyone’s strength and see it as the power in our team of people. Our teamwork boosts the overall level of performance, and we know we are working together toward shared goals, improving the lives of patients.

Scientific Collaboration

At Barc Lab, we never stop gaining expertise. It is in our nature to share our scientific expertise with you. For us, it is very common that our scientific experts have in-depth discussions with your scientists early in the development of your therapies. We know that every patient is unique and are committed to offer you these unique scientific discussions, so you can find the right therapy for the right patient in the right therapeutic area.

Innovation – Creativity

We spend a lot of time and effort deciphering the challenges and opportunities the future holds in the field of personalized medicine. As innovation leads to overall progress, we strive for innovation to flourish. Hence, we create an environment that fosters creativity. We love to exchange our knowledge and ideas as it enables us to offer you the most innovative solutions for your specific needs.

Flexibility – Customization

We make sure your goals are our goals, therefore, we are flexible about the process of achieving it. We realize that one size does not fit all, so we are dedicated to customizing our services to meet your unique requirements. We go the extra mile and are proud to deliver a personal service to each of you.

Long-term Partnership – Strong Customer Orientation

You are the most important visitor on our premises. You and the lives of patients are the purpose of everything we do at Barc Lab. We consider you as part of our business as you give us the opportunity to do what we like to do. We aim for long-term relationships with you and our partners. We strive to work closely with you to make sure you succeed.