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Mario joined the Cerba HealthCare group as the CEO of Barc Lab in November 2017. A pharmacist by training, Mario has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industry.

Passionate about nature from the Canadian wilderness to the English country side passing through snowy mountains and warm seas...

Evi DESMET, Head of Finance


Evi obtained her Master’s degree in Applied Economics in 2005. She joined the Cerba HealthCare Group in 2009 as Financial Accounting Manager. Since 2015, she holds the position of Corporate Financial Controller for Barc Lab.

Enjoys travelling in her personal life, with the most memorable trips to Australia, Costa Rica & Singapore. Still has a long bucket list of places to see...



Nele has been with Barc Lab since 1999, where she started in Belgium as a Project Manager. She was responsible for founding Barc Lab USA and currently holds the position of COO.

A red-headed, purple minded traveler, seizing what the world offers while being the proudest mom on the planet.

Daniel TANNER, Head of Business Development


Daniel joined Barc Lab in 2018 having spent 15 years in the industry across several leading CROs in senior commercial roles.

Life motto: "Nullius in verba" (take nobody's word for it), representing a scientific philosophy and justifying the need to question everything!

Hema TURABEE, Head of Project Management


Hema has over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and specialises in leading project management teams across a wide range of therapeutic areas. She joined Barc Lab in 2018.

Passsionate about life, with life motto: "When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

Sofie VANDEVYVER, Head of Business Operations & Marketing


Sofie joined Barc Lab 5 years ago and holds a PhD in Sciences. She combines her initial Contracts & Proposals experience with her scientific background to function as Barc Lab’s Head of Business Operations & Marketing.

Sees la vie en rose and is a happy perfectionist with life motto: "Be humble and be passionate about everything you do".

Martijn VAN MECHELEN, Head of QA


Martijn joined the Cerba HealthCare group as the Global Director Quality Assurance for Barc Lab and Cerba HealthCare Belgium Medical Laboratories in January 2017. Martijn has over 16 years of combined experience within the Pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Optimistic epicurean, with life motto: ”If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

Peter VERMEYLEN, Head of IT


Peter joined the Cerba HealthCare group as the Global IT Director for Barc Lab. Peter has about 20 years of experience working in IT in different roles.

Likes to do some sports or to enjoy good food in nice company.  As a natural born optimist, strongly believes in the life motto: “Seize the day!”

Carole WALLIS, Head of Operations Africa


Carole has a PhD in Molecular Medicine and Medical Biochemistry and serves as a virologist on several different NIH protocols. Carole currently holds the position of Medical Director of Barc South Africa.

Loves butterflies and enjoys flower arranging in her free time.