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Barc Lab Global

Serving the world from 7 locations on 5 continents : Discover Barc Lab’s world

Barc Lab comprises a global network of laboratories in the Americas, Europe, Africa and AsiaPacific region and provides full services across all these continents. Overall, these connections span the breadth of the medical sphere worldwide. Find your nearest office and get in touch with us to start a dialogue…




Barc Lab Europe, Belgium

Located at the Barc Lab headquarters, our Belgium office was founded in 1983. In Belgium, we are embedded with routine medical lab, CRI, also part of the Cerba HealthCare Group. 

Founded: 1983

ISO15189 Accredited


Barc Lab South Africa, Johannesburg

Established in 1996, Barc Lab set its first steps out of Europe, spreading to South Africa. A Joint Venture with Lancet Laboratories was signed in 1999. Find out more about South Africa and our capabilities in Africa...

Opened: 1996

ISO15189 (SANAS) Accredited


Barc Lab Australia, Sydney

In Sydney, Barc Lab operates in collaboration with SDS Pathology (Laverty Pathology Lab), the biggest routine medical laboratory of Australia.

Opened: 1997

ISO 15189 (NATA) Accredited


Barc Lab USA, New York

Pursuing a true global reach, Barc Lab opened an office in New York in 2001 and established a partnership with NorthWell Health.

Opened: 2001

CAP & CLIA Accredited


Japan, Tokyo

Barc Lab does not have offices in Japan, but has a close partnership with SRL Medisearch to assist your clinical trials within Japan.


Barc Lab China, Shanghai

Barc Lab established a partnership with DIAN Diagnostics in 2012, which has the biggest network of laboratories across all provinces in China. In 2018, Barc Lab strengthened its footprint in China by partnering with Teddy Lab, a Central Lab in China, Shanghai. Teddy Lab is the result of a merge between DIAN and Tigermed.

Opened: 2012

CAP & ISO 15189 (CNAS) Accredited


Barc Lab Taiwan

In 2019, Barc Lab established a partnership with PPC in Taiwan, strengthening our footprint in Asia. PPC offers clinical and laboratory services in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

CAP accredited and GLP certified