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Biotech Showcase 2019: Barc Lab expanding globally

Interview with Head of Business Operations and Marketing at Biotech Showcase 2019, San Francisco, CA.  

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Full Coverage in Africa by New Alliance

Lancet Laboratories merge Africa operations with Cerba HealthCare

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Barc Lab assesses ReactiveCore's Smart Data Hub

Embracing big data and artificial intelligence

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Immuno-Oncology has introduced a modern era in the Oncology Landscape

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Supporting the biggest phase 3 study in NASH

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Infectious Diseases

Fuel the search for new therapeutics...

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Barc Lab has dedicated, flexible and experienced staff, always enthusiastic for innovative projects. We always have a good collaboration with the Barc Lab Team!

Mid-size Biopharmaceutical Company



Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry constitutes an excellent model reflecting the advances in the field of personalized medicine

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Why choose to work with us...


Meet Barc Lab at OCT West Coast 2019

Barc Lab is attending OCT West Coast 2019, in Burlingame, CA, 12-13 February 2019.

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